Fish for life


Impressions from the BSF pilot facility at the farm of the Bunda college.

This page depicts some pictures from the BSF workshop in April 2021 at the pilot facility of the Bunda college.


bsf_workshop_1 freshly_harvested_maggots preparing_fruits_trial_solar_dryer biopod_construction_1 biopod_construction_10 biopod_construction_2 biopod_construction_3 biopod_construction_4 biopod_construction_5 biopod_construction_6 biopod_construction_7 biopod_construction_8 biopod_construction_9 solar_dryer_fruits_test maggots_on_solar_dryer solar_dryer solar_dryer_2 bsf_workshop_certificate_1 bsf_workshop_certificate_3 bsf_workshop_certificate_4 jquery flash lightboxby v6.1

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