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Training Course March 2019, Videos & Pictures

This page presents some selected videos and pictures related to the training course on solar powered hatchery operation, which was organized from the "Ich liebe Fisch" project from the 12th-14th of March 2019 at the farm of the Bunda Campus. Please click on the videos to replay and to scale-up the photos.

Please note, that the presentation of the representative of Maldeco, Mr. Tawa, had no slides yet, thus, the almost complete presentation is provided here as a video.


Group shot with presenters and participants of the training course, in front of the ponds of the Bunda Campus farm, 14th of March 2019

Videos related to the training course

Hatchery training presentation from Maldeco Water flow in McDonald unit Tilapia eggs floating in a Mc Donalds jar Aeration in the big tank 19-days-old chambo larvae indoor hatchery Tilapia fry in a pond at Bund Campus Farm drone flight farm bunda moviejquery video player by v3.1

Pictures from the workshop

training_course_audience_1ACR audience donation_benga_perish lunch_break participants participants_2 presenter presenter_audience presenter_audience_2 training_aquaponic training_broodfish_collection training_broodfish_collection_2 training_broodfish_collection_3 training_broodfish_collection_4 training_course_audience_1 training_mcdonald training_water_parameter_measurements training_water_parameter_measurements_2 training_water_parameter_measurements_3 training_water_parameter_measurements_4 training_water_parameter_measurements_5 training_water_parameter_measurements_6 water_parameter_hatchery watching_fishlarvae watching_fishlarvae_2 audience_2 assigning _certificates assigning _certificates_2 assigning _certificates_3 assigning _certificates_4 assigning _certificates_5 training_course_talks relaxing_after_training training_group_shot_final jquery flash lightboxby v6.1


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